Meet the Artist

Drawing is a passion and big part of Medina’s life. That’s why she decided to create  MimmiArts  to share her creations with others. 

Medina started drawing when she was a child, inspired by anime, manga and final fantasy games she drew daily in her sketchbook. Her interest in art came and went during the years, her surrounding considered drawing to be stupid and saw no future in it. In the end she felt no happiness when she drew. Year 2016 Medina was drawn back to the world of art and decided to proceed with her passion. 

Medina is a Swedish/Yugoslav illustrator. Her main sources of inspirations are women and feelings. In her art you can find disappointment, loneliness, pain, beauty, sadness, fear, calmness and mysterium. 

The purpose of her art is to show that there is beauty in darkness and to transplant the viewers into the same mind of different feeling, wonder and thoughts. She intends to continue with the current project of depicting emotions in art, hoping to develop and become better and to one day have her own studio.

Medina is also the illustrator to the childrens book ”får jag bli brandman” that was created by ”Fårjag? UF”.